Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media networks in existence. According to Statista, they had 800 million monthly active users as of September this year. The platform is mainly used for sharing photos and videos from smartphones, and about a year ago Instagram launched their new feature – Instagram Stories, which was an instant success.

Since there are so many users on Instagram, many companies are taking advantage of the platform to promote and grow their business. They create accounts and share content to engage with their customers. However, certain types of content perform better than others. So, here is a list of the most engaging types of content on Instagram.

#1 UGC

User generated content (UGC) is when brands repost photos from their customers on their own profiles. It has become a popular social media marketing trend, and for a good reason. It is affordable yet powerful strategy for increasing your brand’s visibility and customer engagement. Regramming your customer’s photos shows them you appreciate them and their opinion about your products. Additionally, you always have available new content to post on your profile, and you save time and money for creating your own. GoPro is the best example of a brand that superbly uses UGC. They continuously engage their customers by encouraging them to post cool photos taken with GoPro cameras, and then reposting the photos on their profile which has millions of followers.

#2 Behind the scenes

By posting behind the scenes photos you show the human side of your brand. Keep in mind that everybody likes brands that value their employees. You can post photos of your happy employees working hard, activities where they show off their specific skills, their work spaces, and different types of events, such as birthdays, holiday celebrations in the office, or even a simple launch break. By posting this type of content you show you have a great company culture and a good working environment. This may also inspire your employees to share photos on their own profiles, thus further increasing their popularity and reach.

#3 Motivational and inspirational quotes

People like stuff that makes them feel motivated and inspired. If you post a motivational or inspirational quote that really hits the nerve of people, chances are they will like it and share it with others. Quotes from famous people that your customers admire can always perform well, but if you can come up with something original and awesome yourself, then you should go for it.

#4 Contests

Contests are a great way to engage your followers and promote your brand. You can organize fun contests with simple rules and give different kinds of prizes to motivate people to participate. The prizes don’t have to be something glamorous or too expensive as long as they’re exciting enough for your customers. For example, you can reward the winners with gift cards, discount cards, or they can win some of your products for free.

#5 Funny posts

If it’s appropriate for your brand, consider posting something funny from time to time. Everybody absolutely loves positive content. A hilarious joke, or a funny photo or meme can go a long way. This type of content gets shared a lot, and generates huge engagement. So, brighten up the day of your customers by giving them a good laugh.

#6 Product photos

Your audience follows you to keep up with news about your brand and products, so don’t forget to post photos of your products highlighting their features. You can post photos of what you have in-store, your best-selling items, product pairings, etc. Make sure you post quality photos with great colors and make use of the Instagram filters to make your photos look even better. By promoting your products, you also promote your brand, thus increasing brand awareness, and boosting sales.