9 Amazing Commercials Made by Famous Movie Directors

Commercials are great visual storytellers that have the power to captivate an audience, trigger people’s emotions, and greatly influence their buying decisions. This is why they are one of the most popular go-to advertising methods used by brands to market their products.

Coming up with a memorable and effective commercial is a challenging task, and sometimes brands hire famous movie directors and celebrities to help them create something unique. So, let’s look at 9 amazing movie-like commercials that are as captivating as they can possibly be.

#1 Chanel – Chanel N°5 The film

I’m kick-starting this list with a glamorous commercial from Chanel, made for promoting their Chanel N°5 perfume. This is just one of their many beautiful cinematic commercials, two of which I’ve included on this list. It is an advertising masterpiece directed by Australian director Baz Luhrmann, and it tells a story about a forbidden love between a rich and famous celebrity played by Nicole Kidman and a handsome commoner played by Rodrigo Santoro. The wonderful “Claire De Lune” fits perfectly as background music, adding a sad, romantic vibe to the story.


#2 Prada – Candy L’Eau

This is a beautiful three-part commercial about Prada’s Candy L’Eau perfume, directed by the incredibly talented director Wes Anderson in collaboration with Roman Coppola. It features Lea Seydoux as a girl who finds herself in a love triangle with two men, who are played by French actors Peter Gadiot and Rodolphe Pauly. The commercial easily connects to the consumers because it recreates the perfume as a real person – the beautiful, sensational Lea Seydoux.


#3 H&M – Come together

This is another iconic commercial by Wes Anderson, with stunning visuals, perfect symmetry, pastel colors, and a heartwarming story that resembles his movies. It was filmed for the H&M’s 2016 Christmas Collection campaign and features Adrien Brody as a conductor on a train who tries to cheer up the lone passengers, who because of the bad weather conditions are unable to arrive home on time to join their loved ones for Christmas.


#4 Apple – 1984

A list like this one can’t be complete without the legendary Apple Macintosh commercial. Its name and story are based on the famous book by George Orwell – 1984. Ridley Scott is the man behind this timeless masterpiece, which to this day is considered one of the best commercials ever made in the history of advertising.


#5 Smirnoff – Smarienberg

This fast-paced commercial made by French director Michel Gondry looks like a scene from an action movie. It features a young lady and her escort being chased through parallel worlds seen through the Smirnoff vodka bottle.


#6 IKEA – Lamp

Director Spike Jonze made this clever and funny commercial for the Swedish brand Ikea. He managed to make the viewers feel sad for an ordinary lamp in the beginning of the commercial and then put a hilarious twist in the end.