9 Types of Visual Content That Go Viral on Social Media

Creating and sharing unique visual content can help you improve your online presence and increase brand awareness. So, here are 10 types of visual content that go viral on social media.

#1 Photos/Images

Eye-catching photos and images always grab people’s attention and have a huge potential to go viral. You can easily find or create beautiful photos to include in your content on social media. You can download free photos from sites like Shutterstock, you can create your own designs on sites like Canva, or you can post photos taken by you that add a personal touch to your content.

#2 Videos

Videos are another type of visual content that work well on social media. There are many different types of videos you can post to your page, like educational videos, product demos, testimonials from customers, funny videos, tutorials, etc. Make sure your video content is relevant yet unique and sets you apart from your competitors.

#3 Infographics

Whenever you want to quickly and clearly present important information to your audience–use infographics. With infographics, you can easily inform or educate people on any given topic. By visually representing the information in an infographic, you make it easy to consume and understand. Therefore, infographics are some of the most shared types of visual content on social media.

#4 Data visualizations

Data visualization is a great way to visually represent any type of data using charts, graphs, maps, diagrams, etc. Data visualizations can help you represent different facts, figures, trends, etc. in a visual context. If you put enough effort into creating relevant visualizations that are easy to understand–they can go viral in no time.

#5 Quotes pictures

Pictures with smart, motivational, or inspirational quotes can go a long way on social media. Especially popular are the ones with quotes by famous people, celebrities, scientists, or experts in some field. Quotes have the power to trigger people’s emotions, so people often share this type of content with others.

#6 Screenshots

You can take screenshots when you want to share some positive comments from customers, testimonials, reviews, or any other information that you think is relevant to share with your audience. You can also annotate your screenshots if you want to point out a specific part of the image that you’d like your audience to pay attention to. Screenshots that contain relevant information can easily go viral.

#7 CTAs

You can add CTAs to your visuals that direct your followers to take a certain action, like visit your website, subscribe to your blog, answer a question, click on a link, buy a product, and so on. Combined with the right colors and imagery, CTAs are very likely to get your followers engaged.

#8 Memes/Comics

Memes and comics are a fun, humorous type of content that make people laugh and create positive emotions. Therefore, this type of content can easily drive engagement and go viral.

#9 GIFs

GIFs are fun visuals that run for 2-3 seconds. GIFs can be added to a certain post to emphasize its meaning, show an emotion, some sort of reaction, and so on. If used in the right context they can be quite effective, so you should definitely consider including them in your visual content strategy.