Are you searching to receive a greater and more relevant Twitter following?  This blog will demonstrate the key methods to improve your Twitter experience.

#1 Post More Visual Content

Tweets involving visual content collect more likes, shares, and retweets than the tweets without visuals.Therefore, brands must attempt to combine their tweets with a supporting image. Even though there’s nothing wrong with text-based tweets, images are better poised to encourage visitors to look at your post. Temporarily, infographics are shared three times more frequently than any other image on Twitter. Hence, if you’ve got some persuasive data to share with the world, go for it. Just be sure to include a graphic!

#2 Hashtags

HashTags are an exclusive identifier for a particular topic. With just a hashtag, someone who knows nothing about you will notice your tweet if they click on it. Hashtags link tweets that have a similar concentration on a subject. Popular Topics are just trending hashtags at a particular time. Therefore, if you want to have a wider spread with your tweets, include a hashtag or two in your tweet. One thing to bear in mind though is be exciting, be humorous, and let your knowledge out. Dull tweets even on the most popular topic will have poor results.

#3 Add a follow button to your blog

In order to raise your following, it is essential to eliminate all barricades to entrance, and the main fence to entrance is people finding their way to your Twitter profile. The simplest way is to add a social media button to your blog.

#4 Add a Twitter share button to your blog posts

Adding a share button to a blog is imperative for achieving greater twitter followers. With share buttons included, readers can easily tweet posts. The essential phase is to confirm that your Twitter @username is included in your tweets. There are several social sharing plugins such as social warfare, wp social sharing, and swifty bar among others that have this option.

#5 Link out to influencers in your blog posts

There are people in your industry who have a great impact on your target audience. They have big audiences of their own, and you can expand into them. After you publish a blog post, make sure to link out to some influencers and let them know about it. You can inform influencers via Twitter, Google+, or email.

#6 Avoid sending many tweets in a small period

Sending numerous tweets in a short period will contribute to more people unfollowing you. If you’re using diverse tools to send tweets, it can become a bit of a juggling act. If you’re aware of it and attempt to space out your tweets, it will be a big help. Tools such as Buffer are helpful since rather than hitting the tweet button, adding tweets to Buffer will make them available at the agenda of your choosing.