Company contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes are a long-time favorite marketing technique. They can spread brand awareness, bring attention to a new product or service, or work toward a specific business goal. It’s highly likely that you’ve entered one of these contests at some point. Social media is a great platform to engage users and attract new customers via contests. This is a helpful way to help increase follower engagement in addition to whatever goal is driving your company contest. Here are some ideas for the best company contests to attract customers.

#1 Photo caption contest

Invite followers to create a creative or funny caption for a photo posted by your company. The winner of the photo caption contest can be selected either as a favorite of the staff or by user voting. In order to keep the content relative and working toward your goal, the picture should relate back to the company or a product.

#2 Selfie contest

Give your followers the spotlight! Create a contest based on users taking a “selfie” with your product. You can randomly select a winner or let other users vote on their favorite selfie. This provides real-world context for your product as well as illustrating that you already have customers that love your product.

#3 “Like” or “Tag a Friend” to win contest

This simple contest is an easy way to expand your contest’s reach on social media as well as gain followers. All participants have to do is “like” your page or post and “tag a friend” on the post. From there, you can randomly choose a winner that has followed all instructions.

#4 Cutest pet contest

Although this contest is ideal for pet-centric businesses, any company can have a cutest pet contest. Have participants submit a photo of their pet and then choose a winner based on user votes. To add relevancy to your business, try adding a theme to the rules such as Halloween costume, summer break, rainy day, etc.!

#5 Win a gift card contest

In order to add mass appeal to your contest, make the prize a gift card. This can help you draw in more participants since the winner can choose whatever they want.

#6 Feedback contest

This contest is a great way to gather feedback about a new product or service. Ask customers to provide feedback about a specific good, and choose a winner randomly from all participants.

#7 Re-post contest

Ask followers to share your post, whether it’s a photo, video, or text. Then, select a winner from those that re-posted your content. Using a specific hashtag for entries can help you keep track of the shares. This is a simple and fast way to expand your reach on social media.

Contests are a great way to reach larger audiences on social media while also increases engagement from the followers you already have. Whether promoting your brand or highlighting a new product, using contests is a great method for reaching marketing goals.