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Generative AI Tools for Facebook Ads

Generative AI Tools for Facebook Ads

Last October, Facebook announced the first three generative AI-powered features that will become available to advertisers in the Meta Ads Manager in 2024. I am very happy to see that Facebook has finally started to embrace generative AI and after almost a year after it went mainstream.

Those three features are expected to help advertisers maximize productivity when developing creatives and improve ad performance, and here they are.

Background Generator

Advertisers can use this feature to create multiple backgrounds for product images and adjust the image backgrounds for different audiences.

Image Expansion

This feature allows advertisers to seamlessly resize images using generative AI. Nowadays we have to crop down images in order to have them fit different aspect ratios, with this new image expansion feature we can expand images instead of cropping them and the extra space will be populated by AI generated content.

Text Variations

This feature can be used to generate multiple versions of the ad text. Rephrasing tools are not anything innovative but the Facebook text variations feature promises to generate text that highlights the selling points of products/services.

Here you can learn more about those new and exciting generative AI options for Facebook ads.

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