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Content is a key part of a good digital marketing strategy. It’s what gets people interested in your brand and products. And the goal of every business is to reach as many people as possible, who can later become its followers, fans, and customers.

Creating viral content is one of the best ways to reach many people at once, so here are some tips you should keep in mind.

#1 Target people’s emotions

Content that arouses some kind of emotional response in people is always an attention-grabber. People can’t stay indifferent to content that makes them feel happiness, anger, shock, surprise, or any other emotion. They tend to like it, comment it, and share it with other people. Create content that strikes a chord with people and it will become viral in no time.

#2 Make it relatable

People are triggered by things they can relate to. Relatable content increases engagement. People click on it and share it with other people, because it means something to them. To create this type of content means you know and understand your audience. So, consider publishing content that is in some way relatable to many people.

#3 Make it positive

Positive online content performs better than negative online content. People like when they see something that makes them feel good. For instance, consider including humor in your posts, because everybody likes a good laugh. If you publish something that improves the mood of your online audience, they are very likely to want to share it with others.

#4 Make it short and useful

Although the optimal length of your posts depends on your business and your goals, short content is more likely to go viral. It’s easy to consume, it saves people time, and they are more likely to engage by posting comments, participating in discussions, and so on. They will be even more interested in your content if they find it useful. So, try to make it educational, practical, helpful, and informative.

#5 Include visuals

Visuals enrich your content and make it more compelling. Photos, videos, graphs and illustrations make your content eye-catching, and increase the chance of your content getting noticed by more people. So, include beautiful and useful visuals in your content to make it more attractive and share-worthy.

#6 Stand out

If you want to get people genuinely interested in your content, you need to make it unique. Try to make it different and better from the content of your competitors. Try to be original, and don’t copy ideas from other places. Include something new, something nobody else has thought of. Think of your audience and what they might like, and come up with something inventive and creative.


Using the above tips, you can create content that people will notice and share. Creating viral content is important, if you want your business to grow. However, this doesn’t mean all your content needs to be viral. Just remember that it’s useful to create viral content from time to time, to increase your fan base, and get new customers.